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Nova-Craft Now with 6 Gamemodes

With enough games to satisfy every player from master architect to PVP teams, Nova-Craft will have a game for everyone.

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Server Events

It's never boring in Nova Craft! We've got a wide range of events, including contests, hourly and seasonal events, minigames, and more! Compete with your friends and fellow Novites in our arena and events world.

Keep an eye out here for upcoming events and contests!

Towns & Economy

Nova Craft has a strong world economy and player-founded towns. Players can join and create towns and start their own communities and nations.

You can start your own shops in the main city or in your own town, and even invest your credits in the city bank!

Multiple Worlds

We have multiple worlds for our members to play in, each one unique and featuring different purposes, including a mining world with scheduled resets, and a free-build market area to set up shop the way you want!

Nova Gamemodes

  • Towny

    Connect to Nova Towny today! Come online and join a town, become part of the community!

  • HungerGames

    Test your survival skills inside Nova's Hunger Games worlds. Turn on your survival instincts and prepare to fight.

  • Creative

    Connect to Nova Creative to unleash your creative side! Build, submit, and gain approval for the Pro Build World.

  • PvP

    The ultimate PvP experience! Multiple gametypes, multiple arenas, time to attack!

  • Adventure

    Nova Adventure, coming soon! For the ultimate hardcore Minecraft experience.

  • MiniGames

    Paintball Classic, Paintball Warfare, BomberMan, Temple Run...we have it all.



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