Nova-Craft Donations

Why donate?

Donations are what make this server happen. By donating to Nova-Craft, you help ensure a long lasting server. Without donations, Nova-Craft would not exist.

What are the rewards?

Because the server runs on donations, we offer incentives to players who help support it. Currently, donating gives you a special rank in-game, and points for the Nova-Craft Point shop!

How to donate

Drag the slider to the amount you wish to donate, or enter a custom amount in the box below. All donations must be above 5$ USD due to paypal fees.

Additional Rewards

Level 1 Rewards

$15.00 Total

  • Towny Disguise: Cow

Level 2 Rewards

$30.00 Total

  • Includes Level 1
  • Towny Disguise: Pig, Chicken
  • Pet Zombie

Level 3 Rewards

$50.00 Total

  • Includes Level 1-2
  • Towny Disguise: Mooshroom, Horse
  • Permanent NPC
  • Property Move (50x50x100 MAX)
  • Pets: Horse, Villager, Skeleton

Level 4Rewards

$100.00 Total

  • Includes Levels 1-3
  • Towny Disguise: Snow Golem
  • Custom Title (Cross-Server)
  • Second NPC
  • Pets: Blaze, Bat

120 points

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